She was very happy when the pizza arrived. Her mouth was wet and she desperately urged for a piece, but alas she had a different faith. She was staring at the piece the people were eating. After they finished having it, she went and cleaned the mess off the table. She was very hungry. After cleaning, she ate the crumbs of the left pizza crust and filled her appetite. She was happy. She ate the pizza. Maybe just a bite, but that was of utter happiness .
The next pizza came. She became sad. She started crying. She was worried and told she won’t eat. As it wasn’t a pizza of her favourite pizza joint, she refused to eat. She decided to remain hungry and sobbing. Her mouth was dry and face wet.

Poverty comes in all forms. It’s how we accept it and how we set the definition of it. According to me, poverty is greediness. Poverty is never being satisfied. Happiness and joy is the ultimate money. The more we are happy, the easier the life will be. Humans have created a different meaning of poverty that having no luxuries is poor. But happiness in itself is a luxury. Smile is a diamond that cannot be ever purchased in for $ 1000. The inner peace is the ultimate sophistication.

So set the curve on your face and live!!


2016! New beginnings

So, hello to my blog! To start off 2016, I planned to make a blog and sharing my feelings and writing my heart out on this blog. Hope this year turns to be good. Bye! Meet you next blog..


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